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Half-price usage traffic

Half-price usage traffic

By using Resktop Decrease 50 percent of your cost

More secure

More secure

Using TLS & RSA 2048 protocol to encrypt communication

Help Desk

Help Desk

Using Exclusively Help desk without paying extra money

Support via mobile

Support via mobile

By using Resktop mobile app, transfer your supporting team into customer’s place


Why Resktop?

4 دلیل مشتریان ما برای استفاده از رسکتاپ:

استفاده از دیتاسنتر های داخلی جهت افزایش سرعت و امنیت.

نگران فیلتر های داخلی یا خارجی نبوده و بدون نگرانی نسبت به تحریم استفاده کنید.

مهم نیست کدام شرکت به شما خدمات اینترنت ارائه میکند، هنگام استفاده از رسکتاپ ترافیک شما نیم بها حساب میشود.

برای اولین بار پشتیبانی از طریق پنل هلپ دسک و اپ موبایل رسکتاپ را تجربه کنید و به خانواده رسکتاپ بپیوندید.

An old experience with new technology

Install Resktop and access your computer from anywhere. You do not need to install and configure ,just run and enjoy it.
resktop رسکتاپ

Encryption Technology

Banking-standard TLS 1.2 technology protects your computer from unauthorized access

Verified Connections

We use RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange encryption to verify every connection

Strong against attacks

We use strong anti-DDOS and Brute Force Protector to enhance system stability


For small businesses or freelancers

  • Commercial Use
  • Unlimited seats
  • One or more sessions
  • Address Book


Ideal for medium-sized businesses with volume needs

  • Commercial Use
  • Unlimited seats
  • One or more sessions
  • Address Book
20 USD


For large organizations that need tailored solutions

  • Commercial Use
  • Unlimited seats
  • Customizable Alias
  • Address Book


Efficient use of bandwidth

Resktop can work with 100 kB bandwidth, so it could be good choice for networks with poor quality

Without any extra installation

Run Resktop without any extra installation & Configuration


By using TLS protocol that it is use in bank’s system, we protect you from spam connection

Signed connection

We use RSA 2048 to authenticate connections

Access restriction

By using Black and white list, we will guaranty that just allowed system could connect to your system

Fast access

Set your personal password so you can connect to your system form anywhere and any time

Maximum compatibility

Support All windows operation


Downloading Resktop is simple, even when you’re on the go. At just 2MB, Resktop is considerably lighter than the competition


Resktop supports international keyboards and is available in over 4 languages — perfect for teams and individuals around the world

File Transfer

Using file transfer like you want to copy paste in your system

Manage Contacts

Connect your customer to your Help Desk so you can connect to them without killing time

Help Desk

Get your connection list and send factor for your customer

Connection Report

By using our web services you can connect our report to your accounting system


Get started with Resktop right away — no registration, installation or administrative privileges required. Simply download, launch and you’re good to go

Having Trial Mode

You can use it for one month to test it and safely get commercial license

Automatic Update

Resktop has specific module that it will update automatically so always you have latest


You can easily chat while you connect to your customer

Support Via Mobile

You can use your mobile to get the access of destination system


Everywhere in the world is your workplace

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